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F4317 / Cat.19.p111-| MIRROR WHT MW F9341F/Q/EK

F4317 / Cat.19.p111-| MIRROR WHT MW F9341F/Q/EK

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p.111-(Cat.19) | p.122-(Cat.17) | p.122-(Cat.16) | p.149-(Cat.15)
An exquisite design of bedroom furnishings for a young girls dream, This collection includes a twin or full sized bed, night stand, dresser with a mirror, and a chest, all dipped in lovely cottage white. The bed frame is designed in a picket fence style with an arch framing the headboard.  Each storage unit feature a slight crinkle pattern on the edge of each door with matching round knob. This can appeal to the girl who desires a magical room design of her very own.